29 08, 2013


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The 38th Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival was held in the bosom of white oak trees and rolling meadows near a town called Hart. It was during a new moon and night skies were dark and full of secret stars and promises. Amazon women rose and continued weaving the rainbow celebration of women’s beauty, strength and [...]

1 04, 2013

A Small World of Inclusion

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Gay Days in Orlando celebrates twenty-three years of living the baby butch dream of being Goofy’s buddy or revealing Snow White’s secret identity as a fairy boy. Every first Saturday in June, members of the Tribe gather in red shirt solidarity turning the happiest place on earth into the gayest. Until March 2013, I’d never [...]

2 03, 2013

Billie Jean King

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BILLIE JEAN KING There are moments in my life when being a minor celesbian pays. Billie Jean King was featured aboard the Olivia 40th Anniversary Cruise I entertained on in January and February. She has stood as a voice of hope and equality for women since her victory in the famed “Battle of the Sexes” [...]

4 02, 2013

Single and You Know It

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I’m proud to be a member of the homo-bonobo subculture responsible for so much pop culture and alternative reality and the personal responsibility we wield as makers of conscious choice. One of us - who we’ve known is one of us just by our gay super-power of knowing these things – finally came out. It [...]

25 12, 2012

Homo Hero Thanks Feral Female (Part One)

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The Supreme Court will hear arguments in favor of equality. They’ll soon decide whether people like us (same-sex lovers) are entitled to the same rights, responsibilities, and protections of the law - as the rest of us (Americans). If we aren’t seen equally as tax-paying Americans, then I hope we claim patriotism, unite in protest [...]

30 11, 2012

Si Los Hicimos

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We did it. We re-elected a man who stands for progress, inclusion, tolerance and openness – the highest American ideals. You can thank the Latino vote for being a big part of it. When President Obama announced in June that his administration would not deport youth who qualify under the provisions of the Dream Act, [...]

27 09, 2012

Witch Way Are We Going?

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It’s that yummy moment of early fall where summer’s heat fades like a mirage in the rearview mirror. Cool nights offer better rest while candy corn and confectionary pumpkins await little ghosts at the door. A week later on Election Day we get the chance to vote on the next ghoul to rule. This year’s [...]

31 08, 2012

Assimilation Or Integration

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Greetings end of summer survivors of economic blasting caps to the knees. How’s your season been? Mine in Provincetown, my sixth, has been filled with not nearly enough queers and way too many looky-loos at the petting zoo that’s become the “gayest town in America” (US Census 2010). Yup. You want your queers served up [...]

30 07, 2012

Bonobo Boys

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  “HiMimi,” the cute young blonde boy said waving and walking away, right after he pinched my ass. Pinched. My. Ass. An action that’s usually met with not just a look of dismissive disdain, but a clutching refrain when I grab a handful of the offending male’s genital-ness that violated the territory of [...]

1 07, 2012

Ripped by Jillian

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A friend was visiting me in March and inadvertently took what I’ve shamefully come to call my “before” picture. The same picture I’ve been sharing with anybody who’ll wait long enough for me to find it on my iPhone. She didn’t mean to document my winter fat. Nor was she trying to scare me “straight” [...]