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27 08, 2017


By | 2017-08-31T00:52:39+00:00 August 27th, 2017|FEATURES|Comments Off on BROWN, JWU GRADS LAUNCH ONLY PVD RESTAURANT WITH INDOOR BOCCE COURT

A new high-concept restaurant and nightclub, Rec Room PVD, will offer patrons an experience unlike anything currently in Providence: an indoor bocce court as the focal point of an interactive social atmosphere, a chef-driven menu that spins highbrow concepts on ballpark fare, and an after hours nightclub with a floating DJ booth spinning curated dance [...]

27 08, 2017

YPI Newly Redesigned Programming Schedule Fall 2017

By | 2017-08-27T16:38:12+00:00 August 27th, 2017|Youth Pride Inc. News|Comments Off on YPI Newly Redesigned Programming Schedule Fall 2017

Newly Redesigned Programming Schedule Fall 2017 New Wellness Series Lifeskills Programs (career, academic, leasing an apartment, etc.) OutSpoken - newly revamped and structured, no longer a cohort program, more flexible and open to all youth regardless of whether they are working towards completion with a certificate in leadership development. Newly Structured Youth Council to not [...]

27 08, 2017


By | 2017-08-31T00:38:43+00:00 August 27th, 2017|FEATURES|Comments Off on YOUTH PRIDE, INC. CELEBRATES 25 YEARS

GET Interviews YPI Director Chris Lauth GET got together with Chris Lauth, Director of Youth Pride, Inc., as we approach YPI’s 25th Anniversary. Chris was delighted to answer some questions. GET: Tell me about the genesis of Youth Pride, Inc., including it’s mission. CL: The group started in 1992 as part of the YWCA. A [...]

27 08, 2017

ASTRO Fall 2017

By | 2017-08-27T16:35:12+00:00 August 27th, 2017|Astro|Comments Off on ASTRO Fall 2017

September is a month of refining, renegotiating and remembering what is important to us. A time of exaggerated consequence and reconciliation for all that has come to pass over the summer months. The karmic alarm clock is going off and its time to wake up and go to work on healing the parts of our [...]

27 08, 2017


By | 2017-08-27T16:58:42+00:00 August 27th, 2017|Life According to Haley|Comments Off on LIFE ACCORDING TO HALEY

It is sad to say and even harder to believe, but summer has once again come and gone. Just like that, the trips to the beach, weekends in Provincetown and nights spent traipsing around town with the warm summer air breezing around you – are all but a memory now. Hopefully you made some amazing [...]

27 08, 2017


By | 2017-08-31T00:56:00+00:00 August 27th, 2017|FEATURES, Wellness|Comments Off on COMING OUT AT WORK

The Importance of a Safe and Inclusive Environment Finding a way to show up, entirely, as who you are can be difficult in itself, and even more so in the workplace. However, I have found a place where I can do that, and where I can connect with others both similar and different to me. [...]

27 08, 2017


By | 2017-08-27T16:30:03+00:00 August 27th, 2017|Articles|Comments Off on IN THE MIND’S EYE

Excited. Returning for the 1st time in a long time. So much fun living there, so many special memories of a marvelously misspent youth. 3rd floor walk-up. Just above the treetops with a great overview of city streets and sidewalks below. Bright, cheery, on even the dreariest days. A 350 square foot private Idaho . [...]

27 08, 2017


By | 2017-08-27T17:12:47+00:00 August 27th, 2017|The Wine Lady|Comments Off on FINN

Well it is finally summer weather– great–as every store flyer screams “BACK TO SCHOOL SALE”! Advertising sweaters and (GASP!) snow boots! Still, I am holding on… summer may be just arriving as it also happens to be passing... but I have a mission. One that could drive anyone to drink! It was just last winter [...]

27 08, 2017


By | 2017-08-27T16:57:35+00:00 August 27th, 2017|GET A BITE|Comments Off on APPLE PIE IN THE SKY

Massachusett colonists planted the first apples. Storytellers passed down the legend of Johnny Appleseed through generations. The children’s book version paints a picture of “Johnny,” John Chapman, born in the late 1700’s, the eccentric, barefoot traveler who walked around the country planting apple seeds, hence providing fruit and sustenance. The trees that Johnny planted bore [...]

27 08, 2017


By | 2017-08-27T16:52:43+00:00 August 27th, 2017|Queer World|Comments Off on THE CURRENT CLIMATE

If we have roughly somewhere between 60-80 years until the Earth we live on is too warm to inhabit safely, shouldn’t we do something? Something different? The 2012 movie “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World‚” with Steve Carell and Kiera Knightly comes to my mind. Everybody knows there is an asteroid headed [...]