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ALISON GALLANT is a freelance writer who lives in Los Angeles. She’s written for television, magazines and newspapers.





CINDY QUARTINO ~ Born in Providence, lives on the East Side with her partner of 32 years. Devoted friend to Bonnie Simon and to the success of GET Magazine. Loves all the volunteers I have met through GET!





DANIEL GAGNON, a Providence-based photographer, has been named one of New England’s top fashion photographers by Fashion Group International. Daniel’s work ranges from modeling portfolios to product photography and has graced the pages of such publications as GLADYS Magazine, Bride’s Choice, the New York Times and now GET Magazine. (





 DAVEY WAVEY, With more than 60 million video views worldwide, Davey Wavey is Rhode Island’s own gay YouTube sensation. Follow his shirtless adventures at





DEVIOUNE MAYIM-DAVIAU is the proprietor of Mister Sister Erotica, Rhode Island’s only Kweer owned and operated erotic boutique. Out since 1972, she has lived her life as a proud Butch and Leatherwoman for nearly 40 years.





Designer/Writer EVERETTE HOAG’s incredible Living Art recently aired on Style Network’s Wicked Fit; he’s a featured designer withStyle Week Providence appearing in scores of fashion magazines, TV shows, and blogs. He gained his degree in theatre and education, then later moved into the world of theatrical event design in NYC, working for Armani, Channel, and Lancôme; NBC, PBS, SCI-FI Channel, HBO, and Disney. As president of RIFashion, Everett is involved with the Smart Fashion Initiative for sustainability.





HALEY STAR is the ever plucky pretty princess of Providence. She totes herself around town spreading peace, love and cupcakes for the world to enjoy! Find her, know her, love her!





JACK HARTWEIN-SANCHEZ, RI resident since 1997, Jack started taking photos as a volunteer for RI Pride in 2004. Seven years later Jack is kept busy taking photos for all the RI GLBTQ non-profits and for various publications including Get RI.





JAYE McELROY is a writer, phodographer and co-owner of Bone Appetit Eco-Friendly Dog Store in East Greenwich.






 JES FRITZE was born and raised in New Bedford, Mass where she currently resides. She is a self taught photographer and her work ranges from Fine Arts, Nature & Landscape Photography to Portraits and Portfolio’s. By far her biggest influence in the art of photography is the great Annie Leibovitz. Jes has gained recognition amongst, Southcoast Equality and A.I.D.S. INC for her work and volunteerism with their benefits and other charitable events. She has been featured in local and national magazines and published via internet. Jes has done portfolio’s and headshots for aspiring models and singers along with local recording artist’s albums and promotions.  In the past few years Jes has been in numerous gallery exhibitions and solo exhibitions, selling many pieces. Her work is known for its originality and her unique vision. Jes aspires to become a full time photographer and capture the worlds precious moments one photograph at a time.



JOHN A. CASTILLO (Agapao Productions) Unique characters populate my photographs, I specialize in studio shots that emote a rich atmosphere. They highlight intense actions and strong personalities. There is often an air of poignancy or trepidation in my photographs. Dramatizing the subject of bullying, for me, was a natural fit. Photographing a bullying series brought back powerful emotions I felt as a young person who did not fit in. My intent is to portray this very ugly subject artistically so my audience will see its impact and reflect on their own experiences. I shoot digitally but forego the use of photo editing software. I attempt to carefully manipulate lighting and makeup to achieve the visual effects in my work. This reliance on pure image captured by the lens means that my model and I must communicate our needs during a shoot. The intimacy generated by this collaboration comes through in my photographs.



KALENE BRENNAN is the Development Manager at ACOS. She enjoys freelance graphic design, shopping for vintage clothes, trying the many tastes of Providence’s restaurants and spending time with her dog, Rufus.





KAI LoMUSCIO, Urban Environmentalist, Soka Gakkai Nichiren Buddhist, Manipulator of Sounds, Consumer of Raspberry Danishes.





KERRI KANELOS is the Executive Director of Youth Pride, Inc., RI’s only non-profit dedicated to the needs of LGBTQQ youth. She holds an MA in Gender/Cultural Studies from Simmons College.











LISA BRUNO’s photographs are open windows and share the playful spirit inspired by our natural world and the beautiful people that inhabit it. Professional digital photography for marketing, fashion, and boudoir.





MAGOO GELEHRTER— If he had a brick for every book he has read, he could have built a mansion.

















MIMI GONZALEZ is a full-time nationally touring stand-up comic and part-time dreamer. Provincetown is her New England home in the summer. She’ll finally get to get with GET-RI and your readers at the Warwick 16/Comedy Zone Dec. 9, 10.





PAM PADULA is a professional astrologer, intuitive and tarot interpreter. She has a consulting practice and offers private readings, energy work and classes. Passionate about commUNITY, she produces Girlspot Events.





PATRICIA WOHL has been behind the camera for over 30 years. She considers herself a story-teller instead of a photographer and has worked in Project Management for over 20 years.





Slinging drinks since I was 18, I STILL enjoy what I do 24 years later. I am a bartender at heart and always will be. I would never stop doing whatever I can do to make people feel comfortable, and to create a top notch, safe and fun atmosphere. Luv yuz awl… RANDE





RAYMOND BETRAN is a working journalist and former political operative. He currently studies Literature at the University of Rhode Island and is a member of the University Honors Program. Raymond is drafting his thesis on philosophical materialism, fusing the writings of Nietzsche with theoretical physics. When he is not teaching writing on campus, Raymond also serves on the board of the Providence-based non-profit “The Blessing Way.”




RONNIE EDMONDS is a native Rhode Islander who has lived all over the country. She is a real estate agent and the manager at a local popular East Side restaurant … Blaze. Ronni holds a BA in Communications and loves to write poetry and sing in her spare time. In addition, she is a devoted “foodie” who is happy to share her dining experiences with “GET Magazine” readers.





Business planning expert, speaker, educator, coach living an inspired life by connecting people with meaningful opportunities. My non-profit organization distributes toys for children Worldwide. Pitch me with your idea at