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Get Rhode Island Magazine

We’re accessible

Get Rhode Island is Rhode Island’s premiere glbt, gay, lesbian, inde,
artist, alternative lifestyles magazine with a monthly distribution of
over 15,000 at over 200 strategic distribution points. The publication
specializes in providing a realm of informative, provocative, and
entertaining content aimed at educating the readership. While the focus
of the publication and its content is on the pulse of the greater gay,
lesbian and trangendered community, extensive research and experience
has identified a compelling opportunity that will enable the
organization to provide this valuable information to the Rhode Island
community at large. By providing up to the minute expert information we
enable our advertisers and project supporters the perfect outlet for
improving their own individual community involvement and business
opportunities. Gay and gay-friendly dollars, interest and support are
of great value!!

GET Magazine is proud of partnerships with FirstWorks, Gloria Gemma
Breast Cancer Resource Foundation, etc.

You can pick up Get RI Magazine at GLBTQ+ organizations and events, as
well as most upscale RI businesses, restaurants, cafés, salons and
shops state-wide. We are everywhere.

In recent years lesbian and gay citizens and their supporters have
gained unprecedented worldwide recognition in nearly every arena of
community involvement from Marriage Equality to green energy, politics,
culture, education.