In the months ahead, our astrological climate continues to heat up with six planets traveling through fire signs, squaring Pluto the planet of rebirth. Certainly unsettling and intense energy, but the cosmic intention is to expand consciousness, unify opposites and bring about spiritual and social change in an unprecedented, yet shocking and radical fashion. The Great Awakener, Uranus is in warrior mode Aries, opposing the Light Bearer, Jupiter who is holding the Scales of Justice in Libra; a cosmic equation designed to bring the “truth” to light for us to behold. All the mental debris of outdated belief systems, prejudices, mass phobias, and repressed fear that has festered just below our conscious awareness is being brought out into the light of day. This process of personal and collective awakening is going to take time. Just when you think you have a handle on the energy, whammy a new and unexpected twist can throw you for a loop. Doubt not, we are in an evolutionary shift, upward and outwards and there are lessons for each and all to learn, but we must stay grounded. With Jupiter, Venus and Mercury all going into retrograde over the next three months, there will be ample time to review, rewind and replay the events that are unfolding in our lives and make the necessary adjustments Take a breath and try to slow down. It can be a time of uncertainty but also unbridled possibility and a reclaiming of one’s own personal power. Only we can ensure that peace prevails on this planet, so let it begin with each step we take.

ARIES (March 22-April 21) You have never been so ready to ignite the revolution, Aries! You are a born leader and opportunities will abound for you to put your thoughts, ideas and words into action. It is best to align yourself with likeminded souls and get more input from others to clarify your ultimate objectives. This is a time to redefine what you believe in and follow the promptings of your heart. Venus goes retrograde in Aries through March and most of April, drawing your attention back through time to reconcile unresolved relationship issues still simmering on the back burner. Finances can also be affected under this influence, so spend wisely and avoid investing in any type of luxury items. Ultimately a new kind of reality will blossom this spring, the kind that memories are made of, unlike wishful thinking, life is happening!

TAURUS (April 22-May 21) No matter where you turn something unexpected is happening. Go with the shifting tides and trust your inner self to know when its time to take action or sit back, recharge the batteries, and breathe. Your focus intensifies as April rolls into May giving you a boost of energy to finish projects, put aside past events and reset your inner compass. Balance is key and you must find a way to merge your income with your life’s direction or you’ll end up feeling deeply disconnected or downright bored. Your staying power is never in question. The challenge is using it wisely instead of sticking to a plan that has long outlived its purpose. Shake it up, reinvent, and embrace the unknown, it’s amazing how liberating it is to do what you want to do rather than what you think you should.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Your brain will be firing on all cylinders, yet you may not be able to put the words together to describe all those mind-blowing ideas and insights you are having about, well everything. There will be a deepened desire to live life to the fullest but you may find yourself pushing harder than the fates allow. Be patient, things are lining up perfectly for you to achieve some major breakthroughs in consciousness, career and life experiences. Your social life will be buzzing with friends, family, even ex-lovers coming out of the woodwork to reconnect, rekindle and potentially set a whole new romantic relationship in motion. Pace yourself, turn on your imagination and be willing to let go of what you know. Things may appear to be out of control around you but a much needed change is unfolding within and what emerges is exactly who and what you have been waiting for.

CANCER (June 22-July 22) The stream of people asking you to connect and solve all their problems, big or small, is endless. Remember, you are not responsible for everything within a fifty mile radius of where you live and you don’t have to prove yourself every second of every day. Take a little space to reflect on what it is you truly desire and need to achieve for a work/life balance. Take a kinder, gentler and more patient approach in relationship, many are on edge these days and the “fear factor” can be contagious. Accepting that this is a time of uncertainty and tapping into a higher frequency that is more awe inspiring, creative and without limit, your mind will settle down and the answers on how to approach the next thing will come. No more worrying and over-thinking everything as a pathway to new growth. Loving life is now the way to go, so welcome it with an open heart!

LEO(July 23-Aug.21) A time of skepticism, where it seems as if nothing is as it should be. Don’t take everything you see or hear at face value. Strong voices abound within and around you that will challenge your integrity, so strive to remain honest, grounded and at peace despite circumstances. Get ready to transform at a cellular level! With a lunar eclipse activated in Leo, your core self and relationships are shifting in a profound way. An “eclipse” tends to speed up the growth process and set your life on the fast track to maturity. Recognize that people are not trying to purposely deceive or lead you astray, they just don’t know which way is up, nor do you at times, just hang in there. Your creativity is at an all time high, nurture it. Home is where your heart will be for next few months, so make it your sanctuary. Trust the process, the person you are meant to be is emerging!

VIRGO (Aug. 22-Sept.21) With Mars, the planet of action in a fire sign through March and April, you will have all the drive, motivation and supportive energy needed to accomplish any tasks at hand and a great deal more. Financially, this has to be one of the best cycles to get ahead and make some serious money. The anxiety that typically accompanies paying your bills or discussing your salary is waning. You are beginning to realize what you are truly worth and you’re not afraid to make it known. With energies triggering your house of “collective race consciousness” world events and the political climate may pull heavily on your psyche, triggering unreasonable fears and insecurities. Work to maintain a reasonable, grounded and mentally poised and positive state of mind. It is faith and fate that moves us forward on our spiritual journey.

LIBRA (Sept.22-Oct.21) No status quo for you Libra, you are meant to spread your wings and fly to greater heights in both your personal and professional life. Jupiter, the giver of gifts, growth and expansion, is active in your sign opening the floodgates of opportunity for new and exciting experiences. Remember that you are dealing with powerful transformative energies right now: deep desire for big and better versus peace of mind. Resist the temptation to get overrun by the high-energy download of public fear and seeming injustices that may play out over the next several months. Your path is one of positive, incremental and harmonious change. Be the fair-minded soul you are and strike a balance between intuition and intellect.

SCORPIO (Oct. 22-Nov. 21) At this moment there is enormous planetary activity at work bringing enduring opportunities, power and success. It’s time to step up to owning your authority, influence and creative prowess. No hiding out in the shadows, a lunar eclipse in Leo will trigger the high point of your chart placing you in the public eye. Venus and Mars are traveling through your daily work zone which fairs well for promotion, recognition or a well deserved raise. Or maybe you’re in the brainstorming stage, readying yourself for a whole new career move. Just don’t burn the candle at both ends. Whatever the case, seize this moment and advocate for what you believe in. Romance and love will also be on your mind. An old flame could waltz back into your life or you may wish to revisit your favorite romantic getaways with your new or current partner. Follow your passion!

SAGITTARIUS (Nov.22-Dec 21) You are taking charge of yourself and your career with vigor, pulling out all the stops to reach your intended goals. All the push, pull and around and around, could test your sanity as you try desperately to get it right. The deeper lesson lies in pacing yourself, for the pitfalls of overdoing it and stressing your nervous system can send you reeling off into left field. Mars and Venus in fiery Aries will boost your creative intuition and redirect your course of action so you can more readily build your empire on a solid foundation. The retrograde activity of your ruler Jupiter and retrograde Venus could put your finances and relationships into a tailspin, but you have been known to be a master whirling dervish. Don’t sweat it! If you keep your eye on the moving target, and your aim is true, you, my archer friend will hit the bulls eye!

CAPRICORN (Dec.22-Jan.21) Change has been your only constant in life, especially in the love and romance department. Yes, career is moving along nicely, you may even be obsessed with saving or reinvesting in a new home but relationship is what comes into focus over the next couple of months. The Venus retrograde arrives in March and could easily turn your love life into a review period until mid-April. Old loves could make a comeback or new loves might make you feel like you’ve known them forever. In any case, your romantic status won’t look the same by summer. Loosen your grip on relationships that no longer vibe with your goals and values. Transformation is happening on a deep and profound level, set your sites on perfection and perfection is yours to behold.

AQUARIUS (Jan.22-Feb.21) Love is coming for you on all levels and you may find yourself in love with everything about life again. Forget about all the social and political rhetoric, you have much greater aspirations to be fulfilled at this time. After all, somebody needs to be enjoying life and it might as well be you! Relationships take top billing both personally and professionally. You’ll still be goal obsessed, but feeling the love of it all will only help get you there faster. You have monumental dreams in the making so don’t give up until they become your daily living reality. With Venus retrograde in your house of communication, reconnect with childhood friends, go back to some of your old haunts and allow the past to loop into the future in a renewed and exciting way.

PISCES (Feb.22-March 21) Staying healthy should be your number one priority. This is a mega high-energy cycle and you will need all the tricks of the trade to avoid burnout. Pisces are known to be psychic sponges, so choose you company and environment wisely. Love, beauty and money are highlighted as you enter your solar new year birthday cycle. You have the chance to live the dream and capitalize on your renewed drive for success and recognition. This could be one of the most creative and inspiring years of your life, so there is no time to waste. Maintaining focus and structure will get the job done and progressively from April to May, that becomes second nature. With Venus retrograding in the house of hidden agendas, trust your gut feeling in relationship to others, joint financial matters and your own general well being. Intuition is your gift, use it!

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