The Women’s March on Washington D.C. AND over 600 sister solidarity marches took place January 21, 2017! Millions of signs conveyed what’s on the minds and in the hearts of the protestors> ‘We the People,’ ‘Equal Rights,’ ‘We are all Immigrants,’ ‘Yes, the Women are Smarter,’ ‘Free Press,’ ‘I’m a Little Upset,’ ‘Making Russia Great Again,’ ‘peace’ and so many more.

It’s been ninety-nine years since WWI. Ninety-nine years of significant progress in our country. It’s vital we stand together moving forward, for the future of our planet and humankind.

TORO It’s encouraging to see the world’s masses taking part in protests for civil rights, immigration, positive change, etc! People are taking the bull by the horns. This is a profoundly significant marker of change, not unlike the Harvey Milk V. Anita Bryant controversy, fighting over equal rights for gays in the seventies. So widely publicized, millions could understand all sides and make up their own minds about gays. With concrete leverage and tons of visibility we would win our civil rights, while billions of people witnessed!

PREGO It’s empowering when we strengthen our support and communications; engage with our allies; form coalitions, keep a sharp eye on this government; email our elected officials, congresspeople and senators every day. Nothing wrong with sending our governor a little love-note with some direct feedback. It’s healthy, pro-active, important and necessary to fuel our forces fighting corruption. Reach out to your legislators! rhode island legislators: www.ri.gov/government/submenu.php. OTHER contacts: freepress.net, bernie sanders, Michael Moore, Move-On, RI Chapter of the Women’s March

Seventy-five cents does not a dollar make. In a years’ time, let’s say my male neighbor gets paid $100K. Relative to this, as a woman I get paid $75K for the same or equivalent work. (This is fact and measureable). All people are created equal. All people should be treated equally. I’m a hard-working woman; an independent thinker, STILL looking for a little equality and respect in this, the free world. Why?

Мовчання = деатх = SILENCE=DEATH
New York Times journalist John Meacham said, “Trump says out loud what Nixon said behind closed doors”. President John F. Kennedy was recorded as saying the media is the root of a democracy. Senator John McCain, “We need to protect our free and adversarial press or we will loose our liberties. This is how dictators get started.”

Trump said nothing the day of the Women’s Marches. The next day he tweeted, although he disagrees with us, voicing our opinions is a reflection of our democracy. Does he disagree that all Americans should have equal rights? That’s all she said.

Well then, we’ll do the talking.
We want everyone to thrive.

Peace, Bon

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