Well now that Spring is in full swing here in the Ocean State, and here in the capital city we’re gearing up for one of the city’s biggest events. PrideFest 2016 promises to be bigger and better than before (well, we have to say it!) and of course, the local bars, clubs and watering holes are going to be filling up their spaces with music, fun, block parties and fabulousness. Firstly, there are several places to choose from in our City of Hope, and if you’re ready to join the block party bar crawl, here are a few pointers.

Almost all of the bars and clubs in the city are within walking distance of each other. Make sure that you stay with your group at all times, if you can, and especially when walking from club to club. Use a car service, taxi or get a ride from a designated sober driver so we aren’t putting our brothers and sisters at risk this Pride season. More on this later on, now we’ll discuss the vibrant club scene that will pop the weekend of June 17th.

Alley Cat/ Dark Lady 15-19 Snow St. will be featuring openly gay singer/ songwriter Steve Grand during the kickoff block party the night of June 17th. He will be accompanied by the self proclaimed First Lady of Providence herself, Miss Kitty Litter. Miss Litter as you may already know had hung up her wig to move to North Carolina (Yikes!) so in light of recent events in that state I’m sure a return to Rhode Island will be a welcome relief from that drama. The block party is one of the biggest in downtown Providence, and always promises to be a hoot through Saturday night.

If you want to take a quick detour to a fun Providence nightlife staple, head to Mirabar 15 Elbow St. This former downtown night spot moved a few years back and it really isn’t far away at all, this fun dance spot boasts Karaoke, trivia, retro music nights and lots of boys. About a ten to fifteen minute walk from PPAC, you can get your dance on before the night parade. There’s often food here, and fast, friendly service.

If it’s a younger crowd you’re looking for, EGO Providence is the place for you. Located at 73 Richmond street, you can head from Mirabar on foot to this lively place to see one of the many Drag Shows, and if you’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you’re certain to see one of the many contestants from that popular show here almost every weekend. Here the dance music is loud, pumping and with nights like Twerk Fridays and Sazon Latino, you are certain to find some really amazing and fun times with your friends.

Popping back to Washington Street, number 125 is the place to be. The Stable is a fixture in the area, everyone’s Cheers when it comes to some of the best bartenders and service in the LGBT community. The Saturday night block party for Pride weekend will feature four outdoor bars, plus the fabulous Lady Bunny! It’s a Wild West theme this year, so put on your ten gallon hat, slide on those boots and prepare to dance, mingle, flirt and grab some food while you’re at it. Since the Stable and Alley Cat/ Dark Lady are literally a stone’s throw apart, you can pay your cover and bounce back and forth to keep things interesting.

2016’s PrideFest celebration will commence on South Water street from noon until 8pm. So if you aren’t too tired from the night before, come on down to see vendors, concerts, beer and spirits and you’ll see all your friends gearing up for the night parade. One of the only nighttime Pride parades in the country, it’s an event not only for our LGBT brothers and sisters, but really for all to enjoy. Starting around 8:45PM, when it gets dark the city comes to life. But remember kids, enjoy responsibly. If you are planning to drink alcohol, don’t drive. There are many options open to you, and we want to see everyone safe and happy. For information on these and other events, visit You can also search Facebook for your favorite nightclub’s pages. Happy Happy Pride! Yee Haa!

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