The days have become short and the traffic near the mall long. Each day the radio becomes more saturated with those familiar holiday songs. If you are anything like me every year on December 24th you vow you will become more organized next year, begin planning sooner, save! Well… like the years before December has crept up on us yet again. But don’t despair! Before you hit the web to inevitably buy your sister yet another cat mug or Ryan Gosling pillow, check out these local digs on GET’S hottest 20 for December 25.

Queen of Hearts (222 Westminster St, Prov.): With everything from local jewelry designs to dip dyed faux fur sweaters and vintage chic.

The Peaceable Kingdom (116 Ives Street, Prov.): If you’ve never visited The Peaceable Kingdom you can thank me later for this recommendation. Handpicked from around the globe; the wonders inside their walls you just won’t find on a google-shopping search.

Go see Gary at Gary’s Gardens on Wickenden St, Prov.. Everyone loves a houseplant! What better time to give the gift of green then the first sign of white flakes. Gary’s Garden offers a large selection of floral arrangements and unique plants for everyone from your partner’s parentals to your green thumbed best friend.

Amazing Superstores (go to for the location nearest you): The biggest sex toy shop on the East Coast doesn’t get its name for nothing! Amazing has an amazing selection of gifts for you…and I guess your partner too.

For the toughest gifters on your list give the gifts that force people to get all dolled up! Check out the Park Theatre, Festival Ballet, Firstworks, and Ocean State Theatre for holiday shows and tickets to upcoming 2016 performances. Don’t forget to grab a drink and try a few aps before the show at The Village or Alley Cat. Or head to the Dark Lady where anything goes!

Enjoy the holiday spirits; check out the large selection of spirits at City Liquors on North Main St. in Prov.

Or Give the Gift that Feeds! A gift certificate to any of these local eateries is an easy alternative to hours lost searching mall shopping racks:
• Ran Zan (1084 Hope St, Prov.): Scrumptious Sushi and Japanese delicacies

• The Grange (166 Broadway, Prov.): West Side vegetarian hot spot

• Julian’s (318 Broadway, Prov.): A place where classic American faire gets a delicious twist

• The Village (373 Richmond St, Prov.): All we can say is YUM! Brunch, lunch, or dinner you cannot go wrong!
• Hope St. Pizza (772 Hope St, Prov.): More than great pizza… everything else your heart desires!

• Coffee Exchange (207 Wickenden St, Prov.): a coffee shop open till 10pm!

• Geoffs Superlative Sandwiches (163 Benefit St, Prov.): Who doesn’t want to go out for lunch? … they even have gluten free bread options.

• Little Falls Bakery (2166 Broad St, Cranston): resting in the heart of Pawtuxet Village, this little coffee shop has some good beans.

• Water’s Edge Café (2190 Broad St, Cranston): Brunch and fresh pastries without the hour wait! Go in and taste their sticky buns!

• The Elephant Room (2170 Broad St, Cranston): Crepes and teas and music! Oh my!

The 25 day shopping spree has commenced! Go GET it!


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