The Peaceable Kingdom turns 35 this month, and they want to celebrate and tell you more about their plans. They want to thank you for the beautiful support given to them. Please go by for cake on Gallery Night, September 17th Thursday 5 – 9PM.

They chose the name The Peaceable Kingdom primarily because the Quaker painter Edward Hicks (1780-1849) was a folk artist, and folk arts are their focus. His earliest versions of his Peaceable Kingdom paintings (he painted over 100 and 62 remain) were based on a biblical print pictorializing the Isaiah vision in which natural enemies are reconciled… and the lion shall lay down with the lamb. As a writer reviewing an exhibit of his work said: Hicks probably felt more in hopeful tune with “….a world that wasn’t quite this world and that operated by its own pictorial laws.” The arts and creations of humankind reside beautifully together.

They started out with a celebration of and a relaxed adventure in hand made tribal textiles and kilims—flat woven oriental rugs—personally selected by the ‘Ritchie family in Turkey and North Africa’. After many years, they have sadly recognized the decreased role of their traditional uses due to modernization, political unrest and the impact of unfair trade. Thus, their response to these changes has shifted to preservation and support of wonderful programs which use rug production to help build schools in troubled areas.

They’ve changed in more ways than this; by increasingly supporting the many fair trade programs which have blossomed around the world; by expanding our collection of traditional ethnic costumes and accessories; and by finding beautiful examples of many different folk arts on their travels. They have also found fun ways to introduce cultural holidays accompanied by annual exhibits of fabulous folk art: they have an altar, exhibit and sugar skull workshops celebrating the Mexican El Dia de los Muertos; they exhibit Thangkas (Tibetan scroll paintings), singing bowls and lots more to honor Losar, Tibetan New Year; and they exhibit art made from recycled items, musical instruments, paintings and so much more. They have participated in Providence’s Gallery Night for more than 12 years, enjoying the sharing of this to art with new people every month.

They’ve watched the world shift to a different way of ‘shopping’ and they want to continue to provide an alternative where you can touch, feel, and hear stories about the wondrous works which peacefully reside in The Peaceable Kingdom, made by hands all around the world.

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