Conversation: Davey Wavey & Haley Star

When you start at a new school and don’t know your surroundings or the people around you, you never think that one of the people you meet will become one of your best friends forever. This is what happened with Davey Wavey and Haley Star – and it’s a beautiful story of love, happiness and an all around good gay time! Here’s what happened when Davey Wavey and I had one of our weekly Skype chats last week…

Haley Star: Basically, we met in high school – do you remember the first day we met?

Davey Wavey: When you were just a wee little twink?

HS: You’re only a year older than me bitch!

DW: I guess I was a twink too.

HS: Girl – you had frosted tips, you were a walking hate crime waiting to happen. I walked into the yearbook room and you were sitting at the desk and I thought to myself ‘Who’s that?’ Then you turned around and I was like, ‘Oh great, just another homo!’

DW: It’s funny because if you think about it – we met at a conservative Catholic school and now today you’re this raging drag queen and I’m a shirtless YouTube sensation. I’m sure the nuns and brothers and priests would be very proud.

HS: I think we should go to our reunion as Davey Wavey and Haley Star – you in a speedo and me in sequins…we’d blend right in. We should actually go back and visit someday just for the hell of it!

DW: Never going to happen. Next question, Oprah.

HS: The interesting thing is that we weren’t really friends in high school, just acquaintances.

DW: Not close enough that we stayed in touch after we graduated – there was kind of a gap in our friendship as we went our separate ways to find ourselves.

HS: But years later we reconvened…

DW: And with our gay powers combined, we decided to take over the world as Davey Wavey and Haley Star!

HS: Yes, but you were petrified once you found out that I was a drag queen!

DW: True. Despite what people may think of me on YouTube, the truth is I am very introverted in real life. I don’t like going to clubs or bars – I don’t drink and I don’t like loud noises. My exposure to drag queens is fairly minimal, but for a lot of people – myself included – I think it’s kind of similar to a fear of clowns. A drag queen in a way is just a really done up clown with tits! They have bigger than life personalities and over the top everything, and that’s a lot to handle – so I was a little nervous once I found out you were Haley Star. However, I will say I think that you are a different breed of drag queen.

HS: Like a mut? A Pomeranian? How so??

DW: I think a lot of them are very nasty and negative, but you seem intent on holding yourself accountable for the content you put out there. For the most part, you are trying to leave the world a better place than what you found it to be. And I try to do the same thing in my videos – I try to leave the world with a little more love. Yes I might make a penis joke or two here and there and wrap everything up in a big homosexual bow, but at the end of the day it’s all about love.

HS: Well, after you had come to terms with the fact that I was a flaming drag queen, you had asked me to be in a video with you and quite frankly – I didn’t want to do it!

DW: There are a lot of people in the world who are funnier and more talented than I am and more interesting than me and when I meet someone such as yourself where I feel like that’s true, I wonder why they aren’t taking advantage of that and having a presence online. I know people are going to eat that shit up like ice cream – so I knew that it needed to happen and we needed a video.

HS: It took a good three months of convincing on your part, because in that crazy head of yours you wanted me to roam the streets of Providence in broad daylight asking complete strangers questions!

DW: You were drunk and said yes – let’s be honest.

HS: I was not……….okay, maybe a little.

DW: Well, didn’t it push you outside your comfort zone? Because that’s where the magic happens!

HS: I guess you’re right – and then I got the ‘I told you so’ from you for about a week, because the video was a hit! I got over 1,000 Facebook friend requests in a matter of days and I figured that you were on to something! Now, I am on the cusp of my one-year YouTube anniversary with 10,000 subscribers and half a million views! All thanks to you! I know it doesn’t compare to your 80 millions views…

DW: It’s something like 250 years of human life minutes have been spent watching my videos. It’s disgusting.

HS: What a waste of 250 years. In all seriousness, we thought I’d get a couple thousand subscribers in a year – I never thought it would grow to this point.

DW: I just hope that you remember your roots when you overtake me.

HS: Whenever I say that it’s all in thanks to you, you always say you had nothing to do with it!
DW: I pushed you to do the video, but what spoke for itself was your personality and your talent and the fact you are able to connect with people by giving a glimmer of hope to those young gay-bies out there in their high heels and feather boas.

HS: So what is life like for Davey Wavey right now? You’ve been traveling all over the world! You and I just returned from the Life Ball in Vienna – and before that you were a nomad!

DW: I had just gotten back from a whirlwind gay tour of Thailand where I rode an elephant in the jungle, crossing things off my bucket list. Then I went to Toronto, Vienna with you, and now I am in San Diego for a few weeks checking out all things West Coast. Actually, my big project out here was to go swimming in a pool full of lube.

HS: $67,000 worth of lube to be exact. 200 galloons. That’s more than the handful you’re used to grabbing from your nightstand.

DW: Girl you know I was scooping up free samples and filling my pockets while I was there! We should bottle it up and send it to blog buddies around the world. Sadly though, it was better on paper than it was in real life. The lube was ice cold and there were about 25 people in the factory standing off camera staring at me waiting for me to take the plunge.

HS: How do you even begin to top that?

DW: After you swim in $67,000 worth of lube you can pretty much only go downhill. But it is something I can cross off my bucket list!

HS: Speaking of crossing things off your bucket list, I had a crazy idea last summer that I wanted to go skydiving and you agreed without hesitation.

DW: You thought that I was gonna back down!

HS: Well, yes! I thought you thought I wasn’t going to follow through!

DW: When I smell a good video, I smell a good video. And a drag queen jumping out of a plane with full weave on, makeup, eyelashes – I know that shit’s gonna go viral. Especially if we threw up in mid air.

HS: What was going through your head when we actually jumped?

DW: When the door opened and he told me to jump, I immediately looked to him and said no. And he pushed me out – despite the fact I was pushed out of the plane, it was probably one of the most empowering things I have done in my life. I was recently single and for me it was almost like facing my fears – if I can do this I can do anything. It was pretty intense and amazing.

HS: Couldn’t have said it better myself – even though you were about to throw up as soon as you hit the ground. It was the parachute ride down that did you in.

DW: I am so glad that we did it – granted I will never do it again, but I highly recommend it.

HS: Switching gears for a minute – given that we are both so successful in what we do and most of that is from the people that watch us… what does taking the success that we have earned and giving it back mean to you?

DW: There’s two parts – I am extremely grateful for the people who watch my videos and allow me to do this amazing job for a living every day. As cliché as it is, it’s truly a gift and I don’t ever forget that. I think that when you are given a platform and an audience, you also have a responsibility to use that in a way that helps and gives back to everyone. I think both of us are very much aware of that and we use our platforms to do things – whether it’s raising money for the AIDS Walk or what I recently did with an LGBT refugee – I think there is a responsibility to give back to your community.

HS: Tell us about what you did with the LGBT Refugee Foundation.

DW: When I was in Toronto I went to the Metropolitan Community Church (which is a predominately gay church) and as someone that grew up Catholic that in and of itself was weird to go to a church and feel accepted and celebrated. These people are really doing God’s work. They have a program in conjunction with the Canadian government where they train a family in their church and when someone in a country where being gay is punishable by death and a person is being persecuted for being gay, they will fly them to Canada and place them with that family that has been trained in the church as part of this refugee program. It’s really amazing and intense – it costs $12,000 for them to do this and it takes all year for them to raise that money. This year they had a second family that wanted to take part in the program, and the limiting factor was that they didn’t have the additional $12,000 to fund it. So I made a YouTube video about it and within 24 hours we had raised more than the $12,000 that they needed; and it is literally saving the life of a gay person who would have been executed.

HS: That is beyond amazing. How does that make you feel knowing you were able to literally save a life?

DW: There really are no words to describe it – it is truly an ethereal experience.

HS: There’s no better way to end our conversation than on such a high note of you raising all that money! It’s so incredible. What do you think is next for us?

DW: I’m really trying to take it one day at a time. Five years ago if you asked what I would be doing, I never would have thought this. I have no idea what the next 6 months or 6 years will bring, but I am sure it will be exciting and everyone just has to stay tuned. The sky’s the limit!

HS: I think big things are coming! We should go zip lining over the Amazon!

DW: Keep thinking…

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